Search & Rescue

 Accidents of all types can turn an enjoyable outing into a life-threatening ordeal. That's when it's nice to know that you have your very own highly-skilled rescue team at your service. Beaver County Search & Rescue is a volunteer group of men and women who are on call twenty four hours a day to respond to anyone in need of assistance.

Hiking Plan

Beaver County Search & Rescue has a Hiking Plan for those that are venturing into the outdoors for hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, horseback riding and other back country activities. To help the Search & Rescue incase of accidents or emergencies while your in the back country.

Once the form is printed and the appropriate information is recorded. Give this form to a responsible person who can help provide the information to Search and Rescue, in the event that you do not complete your trip as scheduled.

  1. Craig Wright

    Search & Rescue Director

  2. Search & Rescue

    Physical Address
    40 S. 100 E.
    Beaver, UT 84713

    Emergency Phone: 911

    Sheriff's Office Dispatch: 
    Ph: 435-438-2862 

    If you have a life threatening emergency please call 911.