Beaver County knows that maintaining contact with family and friends is important for the inmate and encourages visitation. Securus Visitation DeviceVisitation is not only a morale boost for the inmate, but it also helps make the transition to and from incarceration easier. Visiting may also help sustain family life and help with the family’s adjustment as well.

The Beaver County Correctional Facility has partnered with Securus Technologies to help inmates visit with their family and friends easier and more often by providing the latest technology available.

Visitor Information

  • All visits are through the video visitation system.
  • All visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Inmates are allowed only one on-site visit per month.
  • A visit may be cancelled for any reason at any time.

Video Visitation Technology

Video Visitation provides you the ability to schedule and participate in visitations with your loved one from the safety and comfort of your home. View some positives about utilizing video visitation:

  • Convenient, scheduled visitations - receive email updates and reminders
  • No need to leave your possessions in the car;
  • No need to travel to the facility – eliminate the cost of gas, food, hotel stays, and excessive time off of work;
  • No need to wait in lines waiting for a visitation time

Securus Video Visitation Account

Participation in Securus Video Visitation requires a free account creation, acceptance of the Securus Terms and Conditions, and successful registration with each facility offering Securus Video Visitation.

Visitation Questions

To find the information that you are looking for concerning visiting an inmate here at the Beaver County Correctional Facility, view the following links: